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Therapy Sessions

Are problems surfacing due to employment, dating, or personal life challenges?

​​Individual Psychotherapy is a safe and reflective space to address your unique life concerns and explore alternatives to a more fulfilling life.

Pre-Marital Therapy

Planning to co-habit with or marry your loved one? Pre-Marital Therapy equips you with necessary tools for a lasting relationship.


Identifying your commonalities and differences so that they can work for you and your relationship.


The experience of living together or being married can be challenging. Is your relationship strong enough to cope with challenges?

Overcoming challenges and sustaining your lifetime commitment.


Is your family facing changes resulted in the cycles of life? Do you feel managing changes is exhausting you? Is your family affected by trauma or conflict?


Family Therapy assists your family with increased self-awareness,  improved communication, and enhances family connection. 

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