Couples Therapy

In our couple sessions, we discuss concerns, clarify problems, and co-create solutions. You, together, move towards a preferred direction of life. Couples therapy can improve your relationship and strengthen your bond. Couples Therapy can help with a number of issues within a relationship such as:​

  • Emotional Regulation (Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Fear)

  • Parenting/Co-parenting

  • Communication with In-Laws

  • Conflict

  • Affair/Infidelity

  • Work/Life Integration

  • Trauma

All relationships have peaks and valleys. Boredom and unintentional offenses, i.e. anger, misunderstanding, and miscommunication, can harm and affect the most loving relationships. A successful therapy depends on each partner's motivation and dedication to improving the relationship. If as a couple you want to succeed, couples therapy is a powerful pathway to help you achieve your relationship goals. 


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Due to Covid 19, sessions are held online. 

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