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"Every time we ask questions, we are generating a possible version of a life" (David Epston, 2005). 


People who consult with Tahereh share their precious and troubling life stories. When problems take over our life, a wide range of concerns may be present. We seek understanding, solutions, and relief from the grip of problems. 

Problems can shape our life stories and steer our life into a direction that we never imagined.  Tahereh recognizes people's strengths and explores how to use these strengths to create positive life changes.  She provides a safe and reflective space to explore ideas, views, and solutions to personal and relationship challenges. 


Once your problem-stories and your sorties of hopes and dreams are defined, you will be able to reflect on them and take actions toward your preferred direction of healing. Tahereh's professional ideas are shared to help you enhance your personal and relationship skills, and ability to navigate your life.

Therapy Approach

Tahereh's approach in therapy is informed by Narrative Psychology and Collaborative and Narrative Therapy Practices.

Her approach is collaborative, strength-based, and empowering.  

Therapeutic relationships are filled with compassion and respect for people who consult with Tahereh.

Personal experiences become personal stories.

People give meaning to their stories. Stories become the source of one's identity.  


Initial Consultation

Obtain Agreement on Terms and Conditions 

Identify Concerns 

Identify Possible Pathways and Goals 


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